BOOKCLUB: The Management of Art Galleries

As I write this, I have just finished scrolling mindlessly on Instagram for about 2.5 hours to balance out the three days of constant late-night hustle+grind (in preparation for my little corner in the OCADU 103 GRADEX). There's still quite a bit I have to do for it in terms of preparing mercy for the GRADEX store as well as a little functional add-on for my display...but we'll see how it goes.

I read on commutes almost exclusively these days because when I'm not at school I'm working on things for school, this year my thesis. In my glory days, I was able to sit for hours with a book and finish them within days or a week. These days, I spend my commutes catching up on sleep or closing my eyes trying to brainstorm for things I have to think up concepts for. Since February, I've been slowly finishing The Management of Art Galleries 


I saw it at an Indigo and was attracted to such a bright pink and then lurked it online for a couple of weeks before caving. It was especially due to having a lot of talks with my friends about galleries (applying to them, those who have made them, wondering how they work, comparing some, etc.) and befriending other illustrators who step into the gallery scenes instead of solely editorial. It's refreshing because my program tends to have such an editorial-focused way of going about things.


I guess before I continue these type of posts aren't necessarily in-depth analysis or reviews, but more so as some insight as what's been inspiring me lately. Reading things, even if they're non-fiction or