DUNDAS PARK KITCHEN: Collaborated with the local eatery DPK and Division 11 Toronto Police in the Roncesvalles area to create murals for vandalized homes and garages instead of simply cleaning it up. The designs for DPK's wall and garage door was to decorate the backdoor space but also help indicate to delivery trucks easily where their eatery is.

Dundas Roncesvalles Peace Garden + Peace Path: Youth were invited to reflect on the indigenous heritage of Dundas Street: the different aims of indigenous nations as compared to the British and local settlers fighting in the War of 1812. Their designs, laid in a living garden, intertwine respect for heritage with new relationships between residents of Toronto and our founding First Nation, and the need to care for the earth. These young artists symbolize equality, courage, hope, and promise, all good foundations for true and lasting peace. Text and Photos via

The Dundas Roncesvalles Peace Garden won an award with the International Downtown Association. It's an "Award of Excellence" in the Public Spaces category. The awards will be given out in San Antonio, Texas, on October 25th 2018. The IDA is all of North America, and a few members from other countries.