Coco sits at the customer help desk.

Coco sits at the customer help desk.

shop FAQ: 

IF SOMETHING IS SOLD OUT WILL YOU RESTOCK? For some things yes and others no! Things like prints and stickers I can print more of according to demand. However, ceramic goods are hand-built and on a one of a kind basis. For small things like brooches/pins, I can make a few multiples but they’re not going to be exactly the same! Depending on demand/ word of mouth, I may be inclined to make more of a similar type of thing! Hopefully I’ll be able to produce more.

I LIKE THIS BUT CAN YOU CHANGE THIS…? Maybe not? As I’ve said things are at a one-off basis in terms of ceramics, so in the event I have daily access to a studio I can keep your request/suggestions in mind—but I do not guarantee them! For things like prints or stickers I can take things as suggestions as well, otherwise it’ll just end up being priced as commission work maybe!

ARE YOU TAKING COMMISSIONS? For JAN-FEB no, but let me know what you have in mind anyways via email!

I LIVE IN TORONTO, CAN I PICK IT UP/NOT HAVE IT SHIPPED? Sure (especially if we’re on a really friendly basis!). In this case, I’ll refund the shipping costs back to you. In this case, I ask that you be flexible/can pick up in locations I provide to you!

DO YOU SHIP OUTSIDE OF CANADA? Only Canada and the U.S for now! But if you’re really interested, send me an email!

WHEN CAN I EXPECT MY STUFF? Based on my schedule, I will go to the post office on Thursdays or Fridays! I ship using Canada Post so it could take anywhere between 3-7 business days to ship after payment goes through. Perhaps another week if shipping to U.S!

MY MAIL GOT LOST/BROKEN! CAN I GET MY MONEY BACK? Unfortunately I can't do any type of refund (no money back, no product exchanges or discounts for damaged mail or losses), unless item was created+sent off defective. I can't take the blame for the postal system's responsibilities. My shop is very small and new so I'm not able to pay for accidents beyond my control. :(
As soon as my store grows a little I would be able to help you more in this department! But let me know anyway and I can try to help/make it up to you in a way that I can.