Coco sits at the customer help desk.

Coco sits at the customer help desk.

shop FAQ: 

IF SOMETHING IS SOLD OUT WILL YOU RESTOCK? For some things yes and others no! Things like prints and stickers I can print more of according to demand. However, ceramic goods are hand-built and on a one of a kind basis. For small things like brooches/pins, I can make a few multiples but they’re not going to be exactly the same! Depending on demand/ word of mouth, I may be inclined to make more of a similar type of thing! Hopefully I’ll be able to produce more.

I LIKE THIS,BUT CAN YOU CHANGE THIS…? Maybe not? As I’ve said things are at a one-off basis in terms of ceramics, so in the event I have daily access to a studio I can keep your request/suggestions in mind—but I do not guarantee them! For things like prints or stickers I can take things as suggestions as well, otherwise it’ll just end up being priced as commission work maybe!

ARE YOU TAKING COMMISSIONS? Sure, send me an email to see if it’ doable!

I LIVE IN TORONTO, CAN I PICK IT UP/NOT HAVE IT SHIPPED? Sure (especially if we’re on a really friendly basis!). In this case, I’ll refund the shipping costs back to you. I just ask that you be flexible/can pick up in locations I provide to you, just like how you would just choose a store location for in-store pick up at any other store.

DO YOU SHIP OUTSIDE OF CANADA? Only Canada and the U.S for now! But if you’re really interested, send me an email!

WHEN CAN I EXPECT MY STUFF? I am a single human! I will go the post office within 3-5 days of the order being being placed. I ship using Canada Post so it could take anywhere between 3-7 business days to ship after payment goes through. And longer if shipping to U.S!

CAN I TRACK MY STUFF? Things $50+ will receive a tracking number.

MY MAIL GOT LOST/BROKEN! CAN I GET MY MONEY BACK? Unfortunately I can't do any type of refund (no money back, no product exchanges or discounts for damaged mail or losses), unless item was created+sent off defective. I can't take the hit for the postal system's responsibilities. My shop is very small and new so I'm not able to pay for accidents beyond my control. :(
As soon as my store grows a little I would be able to help you more in this department! But let me know anyway and I can try to help/make it up to you in a way that I can.


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