After a long while of uploading 52 spreads in three sessions, here's a sketchbook i started in 2017 and stopped in somewhere earlier on in 2018. This one has been held in different custodies for different displays! I had it in the Earl Selkirk gallery at Articulations for the sketchbook challenge gallery show in April and then in my friend Wandy's possession since then. While I was in the Philippines, she put it up for the 103:B art show she and Sabrina curated. This was the second sketchbook since my red moleskin where i've delved in diary type sketches, and I really like it. This book is oozing with text and images compared to my NY/Philippines travelogues; which are more image based for the most part.

Because this was at Earl Selkirk gallery (where the show encouraged to write comments onto sticky notes and put them into the pages as a sort of artist/viewer interaction) there might be little notes leftover that I missed. I didn't choose to include them as they might obstruct the actual sketches, so I moved them all to the back. Including a note that was written in my actual sketchbook's last page, which i've seen ripped out: