YIKES VOL.01 ZINE: An 8 page zine featuring 3 mini comics. The first: a tribute to summer, The Second: a cautionary tale featuring advice from my mother and The Third: something about getting older. This is my first zine.

YIKES VOL.02 ZINE: A twenty page zine containing journals and illustrated anecdotes dating from September-April 2017. What does it meant to grow up? Asking for a friend.

PARAMNESIA: A twelve page zine revisiting and illustrating dreams that I logged when I was seventeen. A lot of these aren’t the perfect grammar maybe—and hey I was 17—but I wrote them as soon as I woke up, even if it was the middle of the night! Who is really coherent then? (Oh, and hey! Read the review BrokenPencil wrote about this [HERE])